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Oil Rig, Oil Tankers

This is a system of transporting crude oil, using an oil rig, an oil loading platform, a refinery and oil tankers (ships and rail). The oil rig handles passenger transport using the tugboat James Hart and helicopters. Ships operate on invisible track at ground level, with helicopters at any level to suit. My invisible track shows in Surveyor, but not in the minimap or Driver for TRS2004. It does show in the minimap in TRS2006, for navigation. Water level is 3 metres below the track level.

Oil Rig
Oil Rig

This is an oil drilling rig model, industry enabled for passeneger transport to and from the rig. It does not actually deliver oil to ships, this is the function of the oil and LNG loading platform.

Large tanker ships are not used close to a drilling rig, the oil is pumped to storage or to an off shore loading platform for transfer to tankers. A platform is shown behind the rig.

Passengers can load at the heliport or the ship wharf at the lower level.

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Oil Rig

Oil Tanker Globil OilOil Tanker Globil Oil

The oil tanker Globil Oil is 178 metres long, and able to load crude oil and LNG at the loading platform. The model is based on my tanker asset built into TRS2004.

The tanker has a slow load process and settles deeper into the water as it is loaded, and floats higher when unloaded.

The tanker can be unloaded at the refinery facility.

Oil Loading Platformil Loading Platform and Tankers

The Tankers are loading oil and LNG at the off shore loading platform in a stopped load process. The loading tubes on the platform are animated.

In the picture, crude oil is loaded from the right side of the platform and LNG on the left side.

Oil RefineryOil Refinery and Unloading Platform

The oil or LNG is unloaded from the tanker ships at the refinery model. The loading tubes on the facility are animated and the amount of oil in the tanks is indicated by a gauge on the side of the front tank.

Oil and LNG are unloaded on the same track at the wharf, but at different points.

The refinery process accepts crude oil and LNG, processes crude oil to diesel and delivers oil, diesel and LNG to tank cars.

Oil Refinery at NightOil Refinery and Loading

The oil or LNG is loaded into rail tank cars at two separate locations on the left track shown in the picture, signs indicate the loading point for each.

Refined diesel is loaded from the right track. The refinery supports the Auran animated pipe load on the tank cars. This is a picture at dusk in the refinery.

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Oil Loader

Oil Tanker Amanda StewartSmall Oil Tanker Amanda Stewart

The smaller tanker Amanda Stewart is 119 metres long and has more detailed pipework on the deck than the Globil Oil tanker. It handles oil and LNG products.

All ships use an invisible interior. When you first go into cab mode, you see a view from the bridge but no ship model or interior. Use the [ and the ] keys to cycle around the different views witihin cab mode.

Artic Princess LNG TankerLNG Tanker Artic Princess

The tanker is 160 metres long and 17 metres beam and has the typical spherical LNG gas tankers for transport.

It will transport LNG and crude oil, and is seen unloading LNG at the refinery.

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Globil Oil
Amanda Stewart
Artic Princess