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Amazing Robots for Around the House

Lets admit it, who doesn't dream of having their very own robotic minion? I would achieve instant nirvana if someone is catering to my every need and taking care of all the mind-numbing household chores. Well folks robots may just be the future and lets all prey that one day we mere mortals can also afford them. Here are some of the best robots that will get the job done while you lounge around and do nothing!

Unless you are a budding Julia Child, chances are you detest cooking with a passion. Wouldn't it be great if you have your own little robot that does the needful? The HOAP-3claims to make a killer robot and we believe him from the video below.

Picture this, your favorite game is on and you're chilling with friends. The thought of leaving the couch to get a chilled beer kills you. This where the Asahi Robocco comes in play, as it pours beer for you!
Next time doesn't order Chinese; just tell your little robot to cook up a storm. Check out the video of the Computerized Chinese Self-Cooking Robot below. The video is in Mandarin but remember sloth transcends language.
Make your presence felt with the Telepresence Robot from Anybots. Interact remotely with your friends and colleagues from the ease of your home or office.
anybots robot.jpg

The Muiro is a robotic speaker on wheels, which means you have your own musical stalker. Miuro can connect your 802.11b/g wireless network to stream music and costs around 1000 bucks.


Don't fight over the remote with your partner and relinquish control to the FujitsoMaron-1 Robot. This little bugger can control your home appliances and entertainment system.

Maron-1 robot.jpg

"Hello, my name is Wakamaru and I am at your service 24/7." Magical words aren't they? Designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Wakamaru acts like a caretaker for the elderly and performs tasks, which require a lot of mobility.

Wakamaru Bot.png
It is not just Fujitso or Mitsubishi that are testing the waters. Check out this offering by Toshiba, which has wired controlled hands with three fingers and CCD cameras.
toshiba robot.png

Spy, the twenty first century style! Meet Spykee, from Meccano, which talks, walks, chats on the phone and even takes snapshots. The robot has a WiFi card, so that you can control it remotely on the net.

The R100 PaPeRo can be your new best friend and the fact that its super cute makes us wants to give it a big hug!
When it comes to robots, the Japanese knows a thing or two. The coffee making robot is a godsend as who doesn't dream of coffee in bed? Check out this coffee babe in action.
coffee robot.png
The Litter-Robot isn't scared of getting down and dirty. Made in USA, it takes litter box scooping to a new tech level. You can be confident that your cats have a litter box that is cleaned automatically and reliably, again and again.

The Spykee Vox is a must have all audiophiles as the robot plays your iPod tunes, listens to voice commands and includes three microphones, a remote, USB plug, stereo loudspeakers, IR sensors and some killer moves.

spykee vox.jpg

Statutory Warning: Don't try this at home! The Forest Fire Prevention Robot by Jordan Guelde is mean, lean forest machine. It clears up areas of foliage so that forest fires don't spread. Governor Schwarzenegger aka the Terminator may just approve?

Forest Fire Prevention Robot.jpg

Legos are awesome. We love Legos. You know what we love more? Robots made from Legos! Check out the Lego Bartender Robot that pours you a strong one, in its own cool style.

Lego Bartender Robot.jpg
Pepsi drinkers would switch in a heartbeat if Coke Robots could service them! Checks out Coke Zero model robot, which will quench your thirst the way it is suppose to be done!
coke robots.jpg

The "Violin-Playing Robot" by Toyota will soothe those nerves. Who doesn't like musical prodigy at their disposable? Apart from playing the violin, it is also capable of performing a variety of tasks with its hands and arms.

violin robot.png

No matter what your poison is the MotoMan RoboBar is equipped to satiate your alcoholic cravings. As a bartender not only is it lightening fast but also cheaper in the longer run.