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Vehicle Routing Software Tools Logistics Software

Vehicle Routing Software Tools

These vehicle routing software tools and logistics software provide all the software functions you will ever need to add vehicle routing and vehicle scheduling capability to your existing, in house, software applications.

Vehicle Routing Software Tools

You do not have to throw away your current applications in order to introduce vehicle routing and scheduling to your existing systems. See example of how easily it could be done.

Vehicle Routing Software Tools

You can build your system incrementally at your own pace and match your staff learning curve. No need to introduce drastic changes to your normal operating procedures with loss of productivity and new training costs.


Logistics Software

Our vehicle routing software tools are state of the art components in routing technology and logistics software that can be integrated in most applications where a fast response is imperative in calculating the optimum path between two points of a routing network. Typical applications are: vehicle routing software, vehicle scheduling software, logistics software, fleet management software, passenger information in transit networks, and others. Our vehicle routing software tools have been tested in the field extensively in small and large road networks and are totally independent of any specific database or any specific geographic information system.

You, the developer or the experienced end user, of vehicle routing software or logistics software can easily and flexibly integrate these vehicle routing software tools into your current system tools with a minimum of development time and cost. Our vehicle routing software tools match or exceed the specification or functionality of the mayor players in the field of logistics software.

Our vehicle routing software tools when used in conjunction with our vehicle scheduling software take into account the network link travel speed, left/right turn restrictions, one ways streets and the network delays in building a vehicle route and schedule.

Our routing software tools when used in conjunction with passenger information systems for transit networks also uses the fixed route bus schedules, trolley and subway schedules, and passenger transfer point delays in order to calculate the best passenger route.