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The Internet: Modern Technology For Cheap Calling

By bidding adieu to 20th century, the present century is blessed by modern technology. In this century, people enjoy calling at any corner of the world with a great ease and sophistication. Communication is one of the most important tool of human being, as without it one can not survive in this world. Calling over Internet is the best solution to overcome monthly telephone bills, as they can save up to 40 to 60 percent when compared with PSTN services.
People who were worried about bills are now enjoying long-distance and international calls for free or by paying very less. The voice over or IP or Internet telephony solutions has become a very popular among masses. The reasons behind the popularity is cost and simplicity. Therefore, it can be said that the Internet calling has created new horizons in the telecommunication industry. Moreover, companies big or small are reaping profits by almost double folds when compared to PSTN services. After all, calls over the Internet reduces the costs of communications, as nowadays many individuals and businesses are going for this system worldwide.

The users can easily make internet telephone calls using the packet switching technique. This type of telephone service is ideal for people who makes large number of international calls. To make internet calls one needs a high speed Internet connection, a computer, a sound card, speakers and a microphone. For making a call over Internet, one requires some special software which are used for setting up an Internet phone connection. Popularity of making calls over Internet has led many users to switch to VoIP services. Some of the reasons for gaining popularity are as follows:

1.Free calling: With the adoption of IP services, the users can enjoy free calling across the globe. One can save significant amount of money on their monthly telephone bills. As a matter of fact, by dropping traditional phone service, the users can save around 40 to 60 percent each month on their phone bill.

2.Affordable long distance calling: The users can enjoy making long distance and international calls. This is because VoIP calls are based on the packet switching technique wherein calls are routed over the Internet. The calls are charged according to the per-second instead of minutes.

3.Unified communication: In this advanced unified solution, the users can share the data, video, images and text with their near and dear ones. The Internet calling provides unified communication with others as it is backed with packet switching technique.

4.Free Calling Features: Calls over the Internet provide the users to enjoy variety of free calling features. Unlike traditional PSTN services, the Internet telephony solutions offer value added calling features including voice mail, caller ID, call conferencing, call waiting and call forwarding.

5.Convenience: Apart from the value-added features, the users enjoy convenience of call. They can access Internet calls without incurring any additional charges, regardless of geographical domain.

Many people have their priority of saving money for making telephone calls. The service providers offer users an cheaper calling rates than the normal telephone calls. But, sometimes they do offer absolutely free international calls to the users. The services offered by the companies include unlimited PC to phone calling, PC to PC and so on.

The VoIP technology is being used to make free calls across the world. By using this technology, the users will be able to make calls while surfing the Internet. As a matter of fact, calls over the Internet has become relatively cheaper than the normal phones. The users will also get their existing PSTN phone number, if the service provider has this facility.

To conclude, Internet is the most important and revolutionized communication technology. The benefits and features of making Internet calls are purely depended upon the service providers. Moreover, the Internet calls contribute in increasing the efficiency while, at the same time it low down the monthly telephone bills. It also improve productivity as it ensures excellent voice quality without any latency.
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