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What is Scalewatcher?

Scalewatcher is the original electronic conditioner launched over 18 years ago and remains the highest quality and most effective product of its type on the market.

Whilst we are flattered by the number of copies that have appeared on the market, when comparing other products it is worth considering the following points.

How long on the market? - Scalewatcher has 18 years market experience and product improvement.

Success rate - Scalewatcher has a proven 98% success rate.

Tested or reported on by Which! Perfect Homes, Home Building and Decorating, Build It, Practical Householder, Kitchens Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Essential Living and Garden Answers. No other product has this test record and some have no consumer tests.

Audio or radio frequency - Scalewatcher uses a patented audio frequency system. Most other products therefore use radio frequency. This is not as effective and needs more space for two coils and can interfere with radio and TV.

Designed to Last - Scalewatcher is built of the highest quality components and has a computerised circuit board protected by resin encapsulation with an estimated life of twenty years. Most others have no protection and therefore are prone to corrosion, with an expected life of around five to ten years.

Transformer - Scalewatcher has a built in transformer - others often use external transformers built into plugs. These have a limited life, usually five years, are difficult to replace and can run hot.

External Box - Scalewatcher is boxed in a high quality box designed for a twenty year life. Others are usually a very thin plastic with a life of around five to ten years.

If you are one of the 60% of households living in a hard water area scale is costing you money in extra energy and maintenance. Just one Scalewatcher fitted to the rising main will descale and protect your whole house. Existing scale is reduced and formation of new scale is prevented so you save money from the moment it is installed.