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Leica FCMS Flight & Sensor Control Management System

Leica FCMS Flight & Sensor Control Management System performs all tasks such as flight guidance, sensor release and sensor monitoring, on a single man-machine interface for a variety of airborne sensors.
The software runs on top-quality airborne components perfectly integrated into the sensor system. Careful attention is given to optimize the workflow starting with flight planning and ending with the deliverable data.
  • Supports various sensor types as well as multi-sensor systems
  • Simple and easy to learn operation of the sensor
  • Simulator software to train operators and pilots on the ground
  • Optimized flight guidance with suggested flight path during approaches and turns
  • Vector data and ground control points as a backdrop for flight guidance
  • Automatic sensor release according to the flight plan
  • In-flight Quality control
  • Monitors completeness of project for flight plan-controlled survey flights

The optimal workflow
Perfect integration of hardware and software into one system is the key for very effective work. Leica Geosystems’ proven integrated workflow starts with Leica FPES for flight planning. Leica FCMS ensures survey flights and flight evaluation are optimized by using Leica FPES again. This entire tightly-integrated workflow uses a powerful flight plan database