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Oil and LNG Transport

Tank CarsTank Cars for Oil or LNG

Five 60 foot tanks cars are available to handle the oil or LNG:

UP, Consolidated Oil, two CORX and a UTLX tanker. The cars use the Auran animated pipe action to load or unload.

60 Ft Oil Tank Car Download Links

UP Tanker
Consolidated Oil
Bettendorf bogey for tankers

LNG Tank Car66 Ft CELX Tank Cars for LNG

This is the 66 foot LNG tank car, it can also handle the oil. This car has a special three axle bogey and is seen loading at the LNG point in the refinery.

CELX Tank Car Download Links

Three axle bogey for CELX

OperationsOperating Concept

The oil rig is passenger enabled, and will interact with the tugboat james Hart. The crude oil (or LNG) is loaded from the offshore loader platform into the tankers.

The platform laods oil on one side and LNG on the other. the tankers unload at the Refinery at separate locations for oil or LNG, on the one ship track.

Oil, LNG or Diesel is loaded into train tank cars, on two tracks within the refinery. Each product loads from separate locations on the train tracks. All loading or unloading points are signed in the refinery or loader models.

Oil Rig Details

Placement of the Models in Surveyor

  • make the seabed level at -10 metres and place the oil rig, the loading platform or the refinery models.
  • attach invisible track at the ship track level (ground zero) or at the higher level for the helicopters.
  • place water at -3 metres
  • the heliport and oil loading platform are placed similarly.
Stopping AccuracyOperations and Stopping Accuracy

The ships will stop reasonably accurately at loading points, the rail tank cars use the animated pipe system which does not depend on accuracy.

If the ships or helicopters tend to overshoot due to high approach speeds use the invisible speedboards as required. A 10kph speedsign (invisible in driver) placed at the centre of the loader track will interact as the bow of a ship passes, slowing the ship sufficently.

Helicopters will require speed signs placed earlier than the oil rig or heliport landing areas.

Helicopter and Oil RigHeliport

A separate model for a heliport that could be placed near any ocean or river based industry, and has night lighting and flashing lights. It accepts passengers at the deck level from helicopters, or at the lower wharf level for ships.

As the landing area is small, triggers are placed close together near the center of the helipad. Excessive speed under AI operations can cause the helicopter to miss pickups due to over shoot. Use my invisible speedboards to control approach speeds.

Heliport, Tug and Oil RigHelicopter, Tugboat and Oil Rig

Three of the models in the oil loading system.

The helicopter has an opening passenger door on the left side, for traveling in the direction shown.

Should the helicopter approach from the opposite direction, it will load or unload but the door does not operate.