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Leica TS30

The new Leica TS30 total station is unique. This new total station has redefined precise surveying by offering unmatched accuracy and quality. Never again will surveyors with demanding tasks need to make compromises, the TS30 total station is ready for any challenge.
When only 0.5” accuracy is acceptable.
Pride in accuracy
Surveyors take great pride in accuracy. The Leica TS30 delivers impressive performance in individual disciplines. But most importantly it is a champion in perfectly combining angle measurement, distance measurement, automatic target recognition and motorisation. The accuracy of the Leica TS30 is in a league of its own, a true companion for surveyors with pride.

Leica TS30 accuracy - the facts:

Angular accuracy – 0,5”

Pinpoint EDM accuracy

  • 0.6 mm + 1 ppm to prism
  • 2 mm + 2 ppm to any surface
Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) accuracy – 1"

Performance that counts
Achieving both high performance and high accuracy is challenging. The Leica TS30 has reached a new level of performance, whereby high accuracy surveying can be achieved in an easy, fast and reliable way, regardless of the project demands.

World’s best Dynamic Tracking Performance

Fastest Start-to-Finish Workflow

Long service intervals

Most complete Software Suite