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AshcroftCEA provides a broad range of Strategic Advisory and Investment Banking services to companies in the global security space, including, but not limited to, port security, surveillance, communications, risk management, data and intellectual property, biometrics, logistics, software and information technology.

AshcroftCEA represents a joint venture that provides not only financial services including private equity, debt and equity fund raising, growth capital, and merger and acquisition services, but can also provide strategic advice to companies seeking assistance with business development, corporate governance, litigation strategy, and assistance with public and private sector relations. To assist in these areas it is important to have a good management team, strong financial fundamentals, and a product or service that addresses a key need or market.

Strategic Advisory

Our scope of advisory services ensures that our clients receive full service to address their short, intermediate, and long term business objectives. Areas include, but are not limited to:

Homeland Security

Our team has a strategic advantage in evaluating and navigating the homeland security, law enforcement, and defense marketplace. With over 20 combined years in senior leadership positions in the Justice and Homeland Security Departments and over 50 combined years working in Congress and at the state management level, we are positioned to:

  • Anticipate market trends
  • Impact policy development in the executive and legislative branches
  • Navigate grants, contracts, regulations, and legislation
  • Identify opportunities

The team has a demonstrated history of working with industry, government, and association leaders to address and solve major challenges in the homeland security and criminal justice space.

With a solid understanding of the market and market drivers, our team can assist in positioning companies to take advantage of opportunities as well as accelerate meeting objectives.

Corporate Governance and Litigation Strategy

Building on direct experience and working closely with top corporate integrity professionals, the team works to identify and execute solutions to major corporate issues including:

  • Turnaround management consulting
  • Crisis and interim management
  • Special investigations
  • Acquisition risk assessment
  • Financial distress or bankruptcy
  • Government investigation
  • High-stakes litigation
  • Independent monitoring

We advise senior corporate leadership on effective settlement strategies, special investigations, and corporate defense strategies.

Data Security

Working with leading law firms and forensic accounting firms, we conduct confidential, comprehensive, and coordinated preventive and post-breach data security assessments.

Investment Banking

Our scope of investment banking services ensures that our clients receive a full spectrum of financial and strategic options to meet their business objectives.

Corporate Finance

Through our long-standing relationships with sources of debt and equity financing both in the U.S. and overseas, AshcroftCEA arranges financial packages to fund our clients' capital needs including:
  • Consolidations
  • Divestitures
  • Growth capital
  • Joint ventures and/or strategic alliances Leveraged or management buyouts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Refinancings
  • Recapitalizations
  • Other shareholder monetization and liquidity initiatives

Mergers and Acquisitions

In today's market, successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures depend upon expert guidance. AshcroftCEA has the skilled professionals to provide expert guidance to help our clients achieve the highest possible returns. Our capabilities include:

  • Advising clients on which strategies to pursue (mergers, acquisitions and/or divestitures

  • Recognizing the most promising buyers or acquisition targets

  • Developing valuation models

  • Creating innovative debt and/or equity financing structures

  • Considering other equity and joint venture partners to facilitate completion of a transaction

  • Managing the distribution of proprietary information

  • Working with tax, accounting and legal services to see the transaction through to completion