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Software – A Major Business Driver

Software solutions for postal and logistic services now are more than a mere tool to run machinery and offices. They are the essential means to control, monitor and optimize the business processes overall.

Logistics Software, a division of Siemens Industrial Solutions and Servicers, Infrastructure Logistics, specializes in the development and implementation of such solutions, and providing major customers’ worldwide significant value from its installations. These systems are efficient, reliable and profitable and will continue to be so for many more years to come.

What our software can do for you. Our Logistics Software address your needs from the shop floor to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) level. Applications or utilization of our software: 


Controls and monitors manual and automated processes on the shop floor 

Configures human resources and sorting equipment after scheduling the production plan 

Increases productivity by using intuitive operation support applications 

Forecasts future performance based on current and historical data, to detect upcoming bottleneck situations ahead of time to enable decision makers to act quickly 

Protects revenues with software applications by comparing the actual processed volume against the invoiced volume, on a per customer basis 

Supports delivery personnel with mobile devices linked to an existing data base 

Optimizes the end to end network quality through hardware and software solutions by identifying weak process points in postal or logistics networks 

Eases and improves communication with large volume senders, receivers and international partners by electronically transferring information 

Reduces the human error rate with software that guides users intuitively through the process steps 

Enables the network in offering new customer services through access to decentralized information about volumes, mail items, parcels and containers 

The customers for our software solutions are the operators of the postal and parcel delivery networks worldwide. They have been using Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems software to operate and optimize their networks, from collection to delivery, for more than 15 years. 


Solution based on software modules
Our solutions are more than onetime software developments. They are based on a well planned architecture. Building unique customer solutions from a portfolio, rich with modules,
specially designed for the logistics market.