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Logistics Software Development

Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, Juno can create software applications across any platform and develop virtually any freight software application for our customers. Juno Logistics creates web-based logistics systems for our customers and our innovative software and equipment can help increase your profitability without disrupting your current systems.

The factors for consideration we use in developing any type of customized customer applications are usability, flexibility, functionality, increased productivity and total cost. How can we leverage technology to improve the business processes of our customers and reduce costs? How can we develop a system that is easy to manage, increases employee production, provides real-time and accurate shipment information? These are just some of the things taken into consideration in the development process.
Juno Logistics can create and customize a logistics software application for customers to streamline all transportation logistics processes with the capabilities to provide:
Web-Based Tracking Systems - Juno Logistics provides users with the status on their shipments using a multitude of search criteria based on user’s business requirements. View shipment details by MBL or HBL number, shipping mode, shipment status or milestone, origin, destination, reference number, piece count, just to name a few. Users can also download and print documents, send e-mail notifications and update shipment information.
Reporting Management - Juno Logistics provides users with systems that have capabilities to generate custom spreadsheets and build statistical reports into graphs and charts, to view trends and target areas, and re-run reports at any time. Customers have the ability to download and save custom reports, which makes them available to everybody in your company. You can then further filter, sort and summarize the data for your reports.
Document Distribution Management - Juno Logistics provides users with software applications that control the printing, faxing and e-mailing of documents. Shipment documents such as commercial invoice, packing list, housebill, cargo manifests and pre-alert can be loaded and made viewable on-line in secure and encrypted areas. You can also send documents by email directly from our systems …no reason to switch back and forth to Microsoft Outlook. You can view documents in actual format on the screen and print exactly what you see. You can print all the documentation for a shipment at once or select individual documents you want to print.
And it doesn’t stop there…once Juno Logistics software applications are implemented, our IT development group ensures that our users receive 24 / 7 product support and training … providing peace of mind for your operations. Juno Logistics works side-by-side with customers, before and after they go live, to ensure that our clients continuously reap the benefits that our solutions provide. Juno Logistics connects your supply chain from design through to implementation to enhance your logistics management plan on a global scale.

Juno Logistics E-Solutions … The Power of Foresight in Today's Logistics World …
Juno Logistics has the power of “foresight”, in that, we continue to stay in the forefront of information technology and look to the future to develop IT solutions that will give our customers the competitive edge in today's marketplace. Juno Logistics is in the process of developing software solutions that will provide:
Order Process and Fulfillment Management - Software applications that will provide users with the progress of the fulfillment of their orders. We plan to create an order management system that will automatically notify all relevant parties via e-mail if an order is running late, or will be ready early, at any stage of the freight forwarding process. Users can then take action to get the order back on track before the situation becomes critical. Juno Logistics can work closely with your domestic or overseas suppliers / manufacturers to ensure a smooth and streamlined order fulfillment process.
Line and/or Part Tracking Management - Software applications that will include line item and/or part searching entries that will give the user complete visibility of their line items and/or parts, where the orders are in the transportation logistics process and when they are due to arrive. This will save time and provide instant answers to customer inquiries, maintaining complete auditing control with detailed information.
Inventory Management - Software applications that will offer users complete inventory based warehousing and distribution and inventory management with web visibility. Customers will be able to view whether inventory is on-hand, requires re-stocking or has shipped, anytime via the internet.
Database Management - Software applications that will maintain a database of all ocean ports, airports, airline and ocean carriers, vendors, U.S. Customs and harmonized tariff codes.
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