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Deep Ground Search Gold Detector

GS-PN is for professional user.The accurate and sensitive view meter indicates the deepth of metal objects, ferrous or non-ferrous metal. it can reach as deep as 2.5Meters (8.2ft). The professional 1/4 earphone jack can provide your ear more accurate voice of metal been detected.

This model is intended for the experienced treasure hunter who demand high performance and extreme sensitivity.

The meter will indicate the type of metal found.

Many of the advanced features of this unit will not be found in any other detectors at any price.

The Carbon Fiber lower shaft and unbreakable Nylon connecting hardware significantly increase the sensitivity of this unit by keeping all unnecessary metal parts as far from the detection coil as possible.

The waterproof coil will allow you search in shallow water at the beach where most Gold rings are found.

It can be used in several modes:

  • All metal mode -Just that, any metal object will be detected. Also functions as pinpointing mode by emitting a steady tone that gets louder the closer youare to the target center. Motion is no required in this mode. Thesensitivity is fully adjustable. Ground balance can be pre set ormanually adjusted.
  • Discrimination Mode- While thedetector is in motion it will emitted different tones based on themetal type detected. The signal strength will also be displayed. Thesensitivity and Discrimination levels are fully adjustable. The groundBalance is fully automatic in this mode.

We consider thisno frills model to be the most sensitive of all metal detectors. Itexceptional performance but priced at mid range prices. Don't be fooledby the low price. We guarantee that this detector will out perform anyother detectors in it class.

(1) Ground Balance controller for ALL METAL mode. Area P is the balance area.

(2) TUNE controller for ALL METAL mode.

(3) Sensitivity controller. This controller is useful for ALL METAL and DISC modes.

(4) DISC controller for discrimination. User can adjust the controller to reject undesired metal. For rejected metal, therel be no sound indication.

(5) THRESHOLD controller for discrimination mode. This controller is only available for DISC mode.

(6) VOLUME for discrimination mode. Clockwise rotate the controller to have high level. Counter-clockwise rotate it to have low level. This controller is not available for ALL METAL. It is also used as POWER OFF switch.

(7) LOW BATT indicator--- when the battery voltage is below 9.8V, LOW BATT indicator will light. At this time user has to replace the batteries.

(8) HEADPHONE JACK-- Insert the stereo headphones 1/4 inch plug into the HEADPHONE jack. At this time the internal speaker disconnects.