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Helping Governments Achieve Development Goals

Microsoft® Partnerships for Technology Access (PTA) helps governments achieve policy objectives through public-private partnerships (PPPs) that deliver technology solutions to underserved communities and students.

PTA's guiding principle is that technology can be a powerful enabler of development goals when driven by country stakeholders, embedded in public services and delivered through a network that leverages the strengths of the public and private sectors.


The mission of Microsoft PTA is to make PCs relevant and affordable to citizens everywhere through public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Relevance: delivering products and services that meet the client's specific needs.

Relevance means that the needs of our clients drive the nature of PTA solutions, including the products and services that are offered. All PTA solutions are based upon a thorough understanding of client needs, challenges and opportunities. Partners from the public and private sector are selected according to the value they contribute to a solution that helps governments and communities succeed.

Affordability: tailoring a package of value-added products and services that are appropriate to the specific client's income capacity.

PTA solutions tailor a package of value-added products and services to our client's income capacity. An affordable solution package includes access to credit, convenient payment methods, and consideration of the ongoing cost of implementation.