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What do Software Engineers do? 

Mechanical and electronic devices in automobiles, airplanes, communication equipment and manufacturing systems are being replaced or enhanced by software components to provide more adaptability and enhanced functionality. Software components are more easily adapted, integrated, and upgraded to meet future needs and are less expensive to implement. Software engineers are at the heart of such activities.

Software engineering focuses on the analysis, design, development and manufacture of software systems and computer networks. Software Engineers are increasingly found in many industries.

Some aspects of software engineering also include computer engineering and computer science and programming, as well as electronics, automation and control, so Software Engineers often interact with professionals in those areas. Maintenance, repair and testing of software designs are additional areas of employment for graduates who will be highly qualified to perform research and development, systems engineering, and economics assessments of software engineering.

Software Engineers often work closely with other members of technical teams to help find ways to enhance designs, while accounting for such factors as cost, quality and reliability.