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What types of careers do Software Engineers find?

Software engineers find careers with companies that develop and design software systems, and in industries that utilize and apply software.

Examples of careers involving Software Engineers are varied. Many opportunities exist in the software industry where Software Engineers develop productivity, database, business-solution and other software. Software Engineers also serve as software consultants and produce software designs that are customized to meet the needs of users. In addition, Software Engineers find careers in industries where software is applied. For instance, software systems are used extensively in medical applications, transportation systems, and the financial system to automate important tasks. Engineers, scientists and business researchers use software to compile and evaluate information in data warehouses and to identify critical facts or trends. The banking, insurance, telecommunications and other service-oriented industries use software to automate and personalize service to their customers.

Other firms and agencies that employ software engineers include power plants, consumer goods and industrial equipment manufacturers, telecommunication and computer industries, and biomedical engineering companies. Software engineering opportunities also arise in fields such as: 
Electronics, mechatronics and robotics 
Wireless transmission systems 
Video, image and speech signal processing 
Control and automation of industrial machinery and processes 

Software engineering graduates will have the expertise to work productively as engineers and to manage effectively the work of others. Graduates may also choose to pursue graduate studies or start their own business.

With the emerging need for more powerful and higher-quality software systems, the demand for software engineers continues to grow. Rapid advances in technology will likely accelerate this growth in software engineering opportunities.