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Single PCB based GeForce GTX 295 might be in the works

China based Expreview reports that NVIDIA apparantly is working on a new GTX295 reference design card featuring not two, but a single PCB.

The current GTX295 features dual-PCB design codenamed P656 with one GPU on each. New GTX295 will adopt a single PCB design known as P658, which means NVIDIA can place two GPUs onto one PCB board. As such wiring and power supply parts as well as the dual direction cooler need to be rearranged.

If the story is correct then a new question rises .. and that would be 'Why'. Well look at it this way, you can bring down overall costs of the entire VGA card. Making it cheaper to produce and offer. The clock and performance of GTX295 remain unchanged during this transition, and 6pin+8pin power connectors are employed. Added a back plate, the pricing of new GTX295 won’t be influenced.

it is rumored that NVIDIA is to finalize the engineering sample of new GTX 295 within April, but it won’t be officially launched until May [via expreview].