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Coordinating the effective use of airspace has always been a costly and complex operation, involving many stakeholders in
a variety of disciplines. Decisions made by a single individual ultimately impact other operations. The Lockheed Martin
Airline Solutions team offers products that provide improved situational awareness along with optimal flight management
and proven cost savings. These products are:

FltWinds™ System – which tracks all flights from initial flight plan filing through gate arrival at destination in real time
and provides dispatchers with alerts when their flights are
affected by inclement weather, air traffic control reroute,
delay or other flow management measures.
SPEAR™ Software – which enables airlines to analyze operational situations in near real time, and make operational decisions that improve on-time performance, meet customer service goals, and optimize overall operations.

FltWinds™ 2 Coming Soon! 

Integrated Air Situation Display

Proven Cost Benefits
Lockheed Martin’s FltWinds™ system augmented by SPEAR™ software is deployed at several international airlines, and in every case the combination has provided positive cash flow and a return on investment in less than one year.

Efficiency improvements, achieved through implementation of these innovative Lockheed Martin products, translate into immediate cost and carbon dioxide emission reductions for users as well as increases in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Strength through Teaming
In addition, Lockheed Martin offers comprehensive integrated airline operations solutions for air carrier efficiency by teaming with Flugwerkzeuge Aviation Software GmbH (f:wz) for 4-dimensional modular flight planning and a user-friendly, knowledge-based operations user system. Lockheed Martin also provides a full spectrum of graphical and textual weather products through its work with Meteostar, an Information Processing Systems business.

Integrated Airline Operations Suite Brochure
Integrated Airline Operations Suite Fact Sheet

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